Synthetic Cannabinoids

All That You Should Know About Synthetic Cannabinoids

Marijuana has been a favorite for people who love to smoke. The usage has been widespread and with each passing year, number of people addicted to marijuana is increasing manifold. As the number of users increase, demand increases with time as well. To cope up with this ever growing demand, a constant effort was there to increase the production volume.

Rather than the natural marijuana, off late, you will find numerous chemical versions of marijuana available. Why are these called chemical marijuana (It is often called as synthetic cannabinoids too)? The reason is simple; these are produced at the laboratories through chemical experiments.

Many users prefer synthetic cannabinoids Ė wonder why?

Generally, people use marijuana to get a high. What if they can get better results at a less price? They will certainly opt for the same right? The case is similar for Synthetic Cannabinoids. As Synthetic Cannabinoids are produced chemically at the laboratories, these generally cost less. At the same time, as chemical compounds are used to produce synthetic cannabinoids, the effects usually are stronger and they stay longer too. You get better highs for less price Ė why wonít you opt for the same right?

Thereís a flipside though

All is not so good with synthetic cannabinoids! First of all, not all the chemical compounds used in synthetic cannabinoids are known till this date. Many scientists tell users not to use the same as they donít know of all the compounds and hence, the effects are not yet known either.

Itís like you donít know what you are consuming so the effects are pretty much unknown too. It cannot be predicted in a proper manner either.

How is Synthetic Cannabinoid Created?

Synthetic cannabinoid is touted as a designer drug and in this case, leafy materials, herbs or incense are sprayed with liquid chemicals (Synthesized at the laboratories) in an attempt to mimic the effect of THC (Also known as tetrahydrocannabinol). Incidentally, THC is the psychoactive ingredient which is grown in a marijuana plant in a natural manner.

Synthetic cannabinoid has several names for itself, such as: K2 or Spice. Upon its launch in the United States in 2008, the same became very popular among high school students. Young adults also started finding it awesome because synthetic cannabinoids were found very easily in smoke shops, convenient stores and even online. Incidentally, synthetic cannabinoids were introduced in the United States of America in 2008 for the first time.

Some of the chemicals used in synthetic cannabinoids are: JWH 018, JWH 073, WIN 55, 212-2 etc.

Synthetic Cannabinoids Ė General Misconceptions and the potential risks

Many are under the wrong assumption that synthetic cannabinoids are safe to be used and smoked. However, this is nothing but a big misconception. The biggest factor here is that all of the compounds of synthetic cannabinoids are yet to be discovered and as a result, nobody can correctly predict the effects of smoking synthetic cannabinoids. There are several case studies conducted and at the same time, surveys as well. All of these combined show that sometimes, the effects can be rather destructive on human health. It is true that on temporary basis, the high you get after consuming synthetic cannabinoid is way higher in comparison with the one for normal marijuana. The effects also last for quite more time in comparison with that of marijuana. However, there are associated side effects too:

Many times, users have experienced strong headaches after smoking synthetic cannabinoids or synthetic marijuana as it is stated. There are cases where users have reported suffering from strong abdominal pain after consuming synthetic cannabinoids.

Though the instance count is not that high, on several occasions, users have experienced fluctuating blood pressure. Sometimes, blood delivery rate to heart has been impacted as well, leading to heart attacks.

Some of the other side effects of synthetic cannabinoids include: nausea, extreme vomiting, profuse sweating, hallucinations, agitation, seizures, high blood pressure, dizziness, anxiety, headache, slowed speech, confusion etc. In most of the cases, people recover within 3-4 hours, however, under extreme situations; the effects can stay for as long as an entire day.

Many scientists feel that synthetic cannabinoids contain chemicals or metal residues that can be detrimental to human health and cause long term health problems. However, there is no evidence till todayís date to prove this. On the other hand, there is another group of scientists who claim that there may not be any long term side effects of using synthetic cannabinoids, but it can be extremely addicting for human being. One who consumes the same once may not be able to stop using it soon enough and serious medical help may be required. Even users who had unpleasant experience before may crave for more of this spice. If one uses the same at a regular basis, withdrawal symptoms may be experienced as well. Under such extreme circumstances, constant medical examination under a doctor is advised for complete cure.

The main problem with synthetic cannabinoids is that all the ingredients are not yet discovered and hence, what effects it can have are not yet known completely. This is sort of a gray zone and hence, many researchers suggest not using the same as long as all the possible effects are not identified.

Legal Usage of Synthetic Cannabinoids

There are many elements found in synthetic compounds which are not allowed to be used or sold in several countries. That being said, usage of synthetic cannabinoids for laboratory usage is not completely banned throughout the world and in some countries, you can buy the same for research related purposes, but not for human consumption.

There are plenty of online stores selling synthetic cannabinoids too, however, it is important to check and FAQs and terms of that website in a proper manner before actually buying the same. Most of these websites clearly outline the potential usage of synthetic cannabinoids provided you buy it from their stock. It is important to follow those guidelines mentioned in a proper manner; otherwise there can be legal consequences.

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